Spring News TV Channel


Spring News is a Thai Television news channel owned by Spring News Television Ltd. part of News Network Corporation PCL. (formerly Solution Corner 1998 PCL.)

Spring News debuted on satellite television via test broadcast on 5 March 2010. Its official launch of Spring News was on 15 December 2010

Spring News won the licence for Digital television for news and information channel from NBTC’s spectrum auction in 2013. Spring News started broadcasting on Digital Television from 1 April 2014 on LCN Channel 19.

Spring News broadcast 24-hour rolling news coverage throughout the day called “The Phenomoneon of Real News” (ปรากฎการณ์ข่าวจริง) with exception of variety programming and infotainment program on weekends. Rolling news start at 6am (ICT) and News Updates ever Top of the hours and “HOT NEWS” every half-hour.

Non-News Live Programming

Live Telecast of Thai lottery draw every 1st and 16th of every month at 14.30–16.00 (ICT) (simulcast Second and last hour with National Broadcasting Services of Thailand)
Suk Asawindum SpringNews (ศึกอัศวินดำสปริงนิวส์) live telecast of Muay Thai Kickboxing every Sunday at 11.00–13.00 (ICT) (Formerly aired on Channel 9 MCOT HD moved to Spring News from 20 September 2015)

Link : http://www.springnews.co.th/th/live-tv/