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first of all Overview:
TWENTY TWO is a last gaze at the 22 “comfort women” survivors in China. Through a restrained and careful approach, we take a look at their current situation. We hope those little pieces of history can be picked up again, and those historical facts which may soon be lost can be preserved permanently. We’re wondering if the busy world could stop for a moment and listen quietly to them one more time, because it is time that we pay final tribute to these lovely elderly ladies.

So Summary:
An estimated 200,000 Chinese women were forced into prostitution by the Japanese army during WWII. Only 22 of them remain today to speak out publicly. This documentary is not a film for political gains or narrow nationalistic purposes. For the director and the crew, each and every one of those elderly women is a brave and strong individual with similar yet distinctive experiences. This is a group that deserves to be known and correctly understood by more people and a history worth being preserved in a most accurate yet sensitive way.

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You will hear them talk about their own experiences, and you will also learn about their perspectives on life, sufferings and happiness. Now all over 80 or 90 years old, those elderly ladies are at the very last stage of their life. This is probably the last chance for the public to …

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